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cross-platform communication framework for your applications

MsgConnect is a cross-platform protocol-independent communication framework designed to simplify the task of building peer-to-peer and client-server applications and middleware components.

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Release:  2.0.84
02 June 2016

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Exchange messages in heterogeneous environments

With MsgConnect you can quickly implement an application for cross-platform messaging. Using messages you can send commands or data to other processes and receive replies, transfer data across multiple processes and systems, etc.

Protocol-independent communication

MsgConnect is not limited to TCP protocol. It utilizes pluggable transports scheme, where you can add one or more transports to a single Messenger object and send messages via any of those transports. MsgConnect includes TCP and UDP socket, HTTP and MemoryMappedFile transports.

Client-server and peer-to-peer data transfer

Each node in distributed system using MsgConnect can act as both client and server. MsgConnect can use single connection to transfer messages independently in both directions. Gain benefits from building peer-to-peer networks, parallel and distributed systems, while retaining option of classic client-server scheme.

Industry standard data security

MsgConnect provides identification, on-the-fly compression, encryption and integrity checking of messages being sent. Transparent strong encryption is based on 256-bit AES algorithm.

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For more technical details about MsgConnect, refer to the detailed specs, or download your own copy to try MsgConnect for free. Ready to pull the trigger? Refer to the Prices and Ordering page for complete licensing information.


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