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Instant control over process creation and termination in Windows and .NET applications

CallbackProcess lets your Windows application be notified when some process or a thread is created or terminated.

CallbackProcess is a component for use in software development for Windows® platform.

Latest version

Release:  1.0.8
03 March 2017

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Track process creation

With CallbackProcess you can get to know, when a Windows application is started and if needed prevent the process launch operation.

Protect processes from intrusion

In many cases you would want your application to work in background no matter what. This means protecting the process from being terminated or suspended. CallbackProcess lets you do this as well.

Audit process launch and termination

Would you like to know when applications are opened or closed? With CallbackProcess your application is notified about creation and termination of processes and threads in the system and you can log this information.

Inspect the command line passed to programs

Windows API doesn't have an easy way to know, what parameters are passed to the application being started by the user or by other application. Using CallbackProcess you can capture the command line during application start.

Audit registry operations

If you need to filter requests to Windows registry, see our CallbackRegistry product.

Audit filesystem operations

If you need to track requests to the filesystem, see our CallbackFilter product.

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For more technical details about CallbackProcess, refer to the detailed specs, or download your own copy to try CallbackProcess for free. Ready to pull the trigger? Refer to the Prices and Ordering page for complete licensing information.


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