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BizCrypto™ secures your data in storage and in transit by offering components (adapters and pipelines for Microsoft BizTalk® Server, tasks and connections for Microsoft SQL Server® Integration Services), that help you securely store and transfer information in your business automation processes.

Important Announcement About the Roadmap for BizCrypto

Following /n software's acquisition of EldoS product lines, our engineering teams have worked diligently to streamline the future development of our consolidated communications and security product offerings. They have spent several months identifying areas where our commercial technologies overlap.

Two such areas are BizTalk Adapter and SSIS Tasks frameworks. BizCrypto and /n software's BizTalk Adapters and SSIS Tasks share a lot of similar functionality. Moving forward we will sunset BizCrypto in favor of the /n software BizTalk Adapters and SSIS Tasks. BizCrypto users are encouraged to migrate as future development will center around merging the important features of each package into a single consolidated /n software offering.

We chose this approach as it is the plan best designed to support our customer base. The /n software products deliver a much broader feature set and have a much larger install base, given its 10+ year market history. In addition, the /n software BizTalk Adapters also support BizTalk 2016 and the latest security technology.

Once this transition is complete, the final product will be a very comprehensive suite of adapters containing the best of breed features from both brands.

Learn more and download a free trial of /n software BizTalk Adapters
Learn more and download a free trial of /n software SSIS Tasks

BizCrypto has been permanently retired and will not be supported. If you need technical assistance with any BizCrypto products please contact sales@nsoftware.com to upgrade to /n software BizTalk Adapters or /n software SSIS Tasks.

If you are an existing BizCrypto user, contact us for Preferred Upgrade Pricing for /n software BizTalk Adapters and SSIS Tasks. You can also download your version of BizCrypto via My Control Center.


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As of July 15, 2016 EldoS business operates as a division of /n software, inc. For more information, please read the announcement.

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